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Nuchain supports the creation of organization in the blockchain

Organization uses same address as regular acccount. The different is that an organization can not be controlled directly. Instead, organization is controlled by admin or by an account that is registered as delegated administrator Decentralized ID.

The existence of organisation is required for accessing digital certificates, supply chain, and other features.

Creating organization#

Registering organization is started by entering Nuchain Dashboard then go to menu Accounts > Organizations and click button + Register.

NOTE! At the moment, organization and its related features are only available in the Testnet network

Next stage is filling required data using parameter:

Set Session Key


  • name - name of the organization
  • description - short description of the organization
  • admin - ID account that has access to the organization
  • website - URL website of the organization
  • email - Email of the organization

Enter password of the account that is assigned as admin, and click the button Sign and Submit.

Set Session Key

The created organization will appear in dashboard My organizations.

Set Session Key

Note: Creating an organization in Nuchain network costs 10 ARA (excluding the transaction fee). The expenditure of creating organization will be recorded in the treasury.