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Nuchain Network

There are two networks in Nuchain: Mainnet and Testnet.

Mainnet, which is the main network of Nuchain, has been working since February 2021 Testnet is the network for trials. This network is usually used by developer for developing applications on the Nuchain network.

Both Mainnet and Testnet come from same genesis


Daftar Nodes#

Below is the lists of nodes that are hosted by Rantai Nusantara Foundation.


  • (Singapore)
  • (Indonesia)
  • (India)
  • (Japan)
  • (Canada)
  • (United States)


  • (Singapura)


  • (Indonesia)
  • (Indonesia)


Nuchain also runs in the local network without need to connect to the Mainnet and Testnet. The local network is helpful for testing isolated systems and testing account preset that has tokens.

To run Nuchain in local network, use parameter --dev:

./nuchain --dev

If you want the storage used as temporary (will be deleted automatically after restart), you can run the Nuchain by adding parameter --tmp. This features is beneficial for those who develops Nuchain module on runtime layer.

./nuchain --dev --tmp

Pre built docker image is also available for those who want to run Nuchain on the platform that has no pre compiled binary and those who does not want to bother with the compilation process:

docker run --rm anvie/nuchain:latest nuchain --dev --tmp


You can monitor all activities that are running in the Nuchain network through telemetry in