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The Nuchain project was initiated by the Rantai Nusantara Teknologi Foundation and is an open source project.

We welcome and appreciate pull requests, discussions, and other contributions to the community. Community members who are active and give more contributions will probably granted direct access for writing in some associated repositories.

How to Contribute#

Contributing is very easy, all you need to set up is a Github account. Nuchain has several projects that still need development.We really appreciate it if you could contribute to the following Nuchain sub-projects:

We use Github project to manage our work. You can start by taking some task in the Todo section and doing PR for each job completed.

As a contributor your name will be written as a credit on this page.


Some of the available tasks are bounty in nature, and those who has completed the tasks will get ARA according to the bounty value listed.


Here are some basic rules for contributors:

  1. Do not --force push or modify Git history.
  2. Pull requests are suggested to be related to issue (if any).
  3. For contributions in the documentation, we use the Prettier plugin to customize the style of writing in each document. You can run it using the command npx prettier --write ./docs.