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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to become a validator?#

Read: how to become a validator

Why is my validator on the waiting list all the time?#

This relates to the maximum number of validator on Nuchain which can be seen in the Staking section > Staking overview

maximum validator

If the number of validators has reached the maximum limit, the system will perform a mechanism of election to determine who is eligible to enter the ranks of validators. The eligiblity is determined by several things:

  1. Availability of validator engine which is always active/online. If the engine is in off position or being off frequently, it will rarely be selected.
  2. The number of guaranteed stakes. If the number of guaranteed stakes is higher, then the probability of being selected as a validator is also higher

What is the minimum stake to always be selected as a validator?#

There is no minimum stake. But if the maximum number of validators has been reached, the candidate validator needs need a stake greater than the current smallest validator stake to be able to replace it. To see what is the smallest stake value in the current validator, see Staking section > Targets:

Minimum average nuchain stake

When is the validator selected?#

The validator is selected by the system at the end of each session (4 hours).

I have become a validator but after so many days not getting rewards?#

There are several possibilities:

  1. Not selected - make sure your validator has been in the list of active validators. You can see it in the staking section of the dashboard. If you can not find your validator in the list, your validator might be in the waiting section which means that it hasn't been selected by the system.
  2. Unpaid - validator earns rewards at the end of each era, where users need to do payout to cash out their ARA. You can read the payout method here.
  3. Machine off - the engine used for the validator is off or inactive so it doesn't create any blocks at all.
  4. Not yet connected - the validator engine has not been connected using the session key. Read how to become a validator to see how to connect it.

Does Nuchain support Smart Contracts?#

Yes, Nuchain supports Smart Contracts, you can see an example of the Smart Contract application here.

Is there a Faucet program?#

Yes, there is a Faucet program from the community:

What is Era?#

An era is a time loop that consists of several sessions. In Nuchain an era is equivalent to 24 hours. The era ease the system in calculating rewards and make scheduled changes.

When I become an active validator and my validator computer shuts down, is there any effect?#

Yes. If the computer that is used as the validator off or creates a malicious block, there is a possibility that the system will give punishment by slashing the stake that you guarantee (bond). The value that is cut is dynamic, depending on how dangerous an activity is on the network.

What does sync mean when running node for the first time?#

When you run nuchain node for the first time, node will synchronize to get all data blocks on the network. This process takes a long time when there are too many blocks. To speed up the synchronization process, please use presync data, for more detail please read Presync Data.

Got "expected comma after minor version number, found '\t'" error when compiling#

If you encounter error like this you need to update parity-db dependency by typing:

cargo update -p parity-db