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The following translations are auto generated from the Indonesian language (Bahasa) by docusaurus.

Governance providing the opportunity for the community to make decisions regarding the direction and policy of the system in a democratic way.

Nuchain support on-chain governance mechanism, which is the mechanism of voting and execution of strategic decisions written and executed directly in the blockchain network.

The motivation of "on-chain" governance is to:

  1. Ensure that the written policy is stored in the blockchain network can be proven that it is not tampered.
  2. Ensure that the decisions taken by the community are non-repudiation.
  3. Ensure that all changes are recorded and auditability.
  4. Ensure that the decision taken is an authentic account and has been trusted by the public for collective decision.
  5. Ensure that democracy mechanism runs automatically according to the rules written in the system.


Council are the entities that have the role to create proposal plan for future development and then can be voted by all the council members.

Council are voted by voting mechanism, where anyone can propose themselves as a candidate and anyone can vote for a specific candidate to have the power to be a council member.

Currently there are 13 council members, and can be added or removed according to the consensus.

The list of council members can be seen in the dashboard > Governance > Council

Council member can propose a proposal to change the rules of the system by creating a motion (motions) and then another member can vote on the motion.

Proposal & Motion#

There is several ways to propose changes in the Nuchain network, first through motions and second through referendum.

Motion can only be created by council members, and referendum can be proposed by anyone and can be voted by anyone directly.

Changes that can be made?#

Semua fungsi yang ada di pallet Nuchain bisa dieksekusi melalui mekanisme on-chain governance, berikut adalah beberapa fungsi strategis yang bisa dieksekusi untuk melakukan perubahan/pengembangan sistem:

All functions in the Nuchain pallet can be executed through on-chain governance mechanism.

For example decision to reduce gass fee, when the native token value is too high it is necessary to have a mechanism to ensure that the gass fee in the Nuchain network is still affordable, through on-chain governance mechanism this can be done in short days.