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Welcome to Nusantara Chain. This website contains information about Nuchain and how to use the Nuchain network.

What is Nuchain?#

Nuchain is a distributed system (blockchain) as a service. Designed as a robust and secure distributed application development platform, Nuchain is developed open source and the code is publicly accessible on Github.

Currently, nuchain is being developed by the Rantai Nusantara Teknologi (RNT), a non-profit organization that aims to advance the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, especially in the area of decentralized applications.

The Rantai Nusantara Teknologi (RNT) has been registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia under the registration number AHU-0017288.AH.01.04 in 2021.


Nuchain was created with the aim of welcoming the 3rd generation Web (Web 3.0) through a distributed and secure system called blockchain (blockchain).

Why Blockchain?#

  • Almost all internet applications that exist today run centrally (centralized). One of the passions of Web 3.0 is the widespread use of distributed applications. Blockchain, which is a distributed system by nature, can be used as the foundation for the era of distributed internet applications.
  • Security. The blockchain system is secured using cryptography at its most basic layer, providing high security guarantees.
  • Blockchain is a very reliable trustless system to build applications that require legitimacy guarantees without the need to trust each other.

Nuchain is not designed to be a crypto currency, but as a distributed application platform (DApps) which will later become a new ecosystem in the era of digital technology that requires openness, clarity, legitimacy, and good governance.

First Start#

Read the initial guide to getting started with Nuchain.


These are important links for the nuchain ecosystem: